Regularity / TSD Rally

Raceometer is an iPad app that gives you a meter for the dashboard of your car - for use with Regularity Rally or TSD Rally.
In a TSD Rally the most important thing is to be able to drive at a constant average speed, the way to do that is by having a device in your car that tells you what your trip meter should show at any given time. Raceometer is that device.


he trip is shown at the top left corner, closest to the driver. Speed of current challenge is shown on a large speedometer, and progress of current challenge is shown by a moving car in the middle of the screen. All placed to give most important information in an easy intuitive way.

n the basic edition of Raceometer you can only create one stage and challenge, but in paid mode you can add the entire race before start. This allows the co-pilot to focus on other things and minimized the times you need to touch the iPad while on the road.


  • Version 1.0 has support for normal seconds challenges where the entire challenge has the same speed.
  • Version 1.2 is in the making, supporting tulips with many smaller distances of different speed.

Support and feedback

You are always welcome to contact Traels on if you have comments or problems with Raceometer